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This is an organization of professionals and amateurs just crazy about stone work.

These people supply the glass found in my fire pits.

Art Horvath is a genius with making stone working equipment , he made my wire saw, but he does it at a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. Also he likes to steal my ideas.

These good people have been supplying me with tools and advice for over two decades.

This is one of the oldest and finest hand tool manufacturers.

For those Organic Vegan enthusiasts, this is probable the best product on the market.

This is an older website that features some of my work before moving to California.

For you hungry Tree Huggers:

I spent years learning how to work stone, and most of it was trial and error. Then I sought out help from those in the business and what a difference it made. I can’t promise that this book will answer all your questions but it will start you down the right path and save you years of bumping around in the dark. It’s only $30 and could save you thousands in time and mistakes.

I have sold hundreds of this book and there seems to quite a run on it lately …. I guess business has slowed down enough so people have time to read.