Fire Pit Install

For thousands of years fire has been used as a means of removing and splitting stone. With this in mind there are some precautions the you should keep in mind:

1. Never put your fire ring or element lower that 1" from the top of the stone.

2. The fire ring or any piping working to release the burning gas should be approximately 6" form the edges of the stone.

3. Your fire pit is not a furnace, leaving it burning with huge flames for long periods is not advised. The fire pit is more about atmosphere that heating a crowd.

4. Use only tempered fire glass, sand or lava rock under and above your fire ring / element. Some come complete with a metal pan, personally I don't recommend it as the metal will hold heat. In addition I recommend using smaller pieces of glass and lava rock as the larger pieces tend to hold more heat and frankly I don't find it neat or attractive.

5. Placing other decorative items in the fire pit you do so at your own risk.

6. We should be notified if you are going be using propane as we will have to drill some vent holes near the base of the stone. Propane is heavier that natural gas and will collect in the bottom of the bowl and will keep burning after you shut it off.


There is always the possibility of an unseen fracture within any boulder which with high prolonged heat will cause that fracture to open. Don't panic as the fire pit will continue to be used in the majority of cases and fragments can either be super glued or epoxied back on.

If you have any questions about installations feel free to call, we don't have all the answers but we have hundreds of these lovely fire pits in use.

You can call us at either:

Roger 760 409 2210


Jacob 760 534 9988

what could go wrong if you fail to follow directions